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Irema summer Fertility event

Join us the 25th August 2019. Impact HUB, 34b York Way, King’s Cross London, N1 9AB

Book your Free 30 minutes Private Consultation with our Consultants  through email patientcare@irema.org or by calling  +34 653 05 82 01.

Let’s talk about “Emotional Strategies during Fertility Treatment“, let’s talk about “how to choose a Fertility Clinic Abroad”, let’s talk about you

Consultants & Speakers:

  • Rami Attalla (MBChB)
  • Andreia Trigo (RN, BSc, and MSc)
  • Sergio Poveda

Irema (instituto de Reproducción de la marina Alta) are located in 3 different cities along the Spanish Mediterranean Coast (Alicante, Valencia and Cartagena), you will find the most advanced treatments, hand in hand with the best professionals, to treat the possible fertility problems of our patients. Irema Clinics are at the forefront of technology and in 2015 were awarded as the best fertility clinic, thanks to personalized treatments. Through a 100% personalized fertility study, according to the age and circumstances of each patient, a diagnosis is established and the different options are offered that best adapt and achieve, to a greater extent, the desired pregnancy.

Andreia Trigo summer fertility event august 2019 london

Andreia Trigo

RN, BSc, and MSc

Andrea is the founder of infertile Life, multi-awarded nurse consultant, author and TEDx speaker. Combining her fourteen-year medical experience, CBT, NLP and her own eighteen-year infertility journey, she has developed unique strategies to help people undergoing similar challenges achieve their reproductive goals. The Enhanced Fertility Programme is helping people worldwide and has been awarded Best Innovation in Business 2018 and E-Business of 2018.

Rami Atalla summer fertility event august 2019 london

Mr Rami Atalla


Mr. Atalla is a senior consultant in Hertfordshire with over 20 years experience in the management of subfertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. He is managing a very successful pregnancy loss clinic. He has a special interest in immunological, hormonal and implantation problems in early gestation. He worked in collaboration with the London fertility clinic (LFC) for several years as well as other fertility centers. He was leading the spire fertility clinic in Harpenden for few years. He believes in individualized care for every patient. He gained a wide popularity with his patients.

Book a Free 30 minutes Private Consultation with our Consultants

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