Preservation technique

Oocyte vitrification

What is oocyte vitrification?

One of the most remarkable advances in assisted reproduction in the recent years, os the vitrification of oocytes, which consists of an ultra-fast freezing, which prevents the formation of ice crystals that damaged the cell in the conventional freezing.

This technique, which became operational in Spain in mid-2007, is used in our centre since 2009, and we managed to increase significantly  the survival rates (97%), fertilization (81%), best quality embryos (64%) and pregnancy (46%) of the frozen occytes. Rates similar to those of non-frozen oocytes.

In which cases is oocyte vitrification indicated?

In many cases, radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments cause permanent sterility when performed in women of childbearing age. It is important to consult your oncologist and it is also recommended to use the technique of vitrification of oocytes prior to your treatment, to maintain the ability to have children later.

  • Women who want to delay motherhood for professional or personal reasons.
    The most fertile time for women, is from 20 to 35 years in many cases coincide with their personal development or job placement. After 35 years age, the fertility rates are falling rapidly and the 40 years aged and older fall sharply, in many cases they can not achieve pregnancy with their own eggs.
  • Cancer patients, which prevent infertility caused by radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Advances in cancer treatment has succeeded in significantly increased survival rates of patients and thus it is now important to consider the quality of life after overcoming this disease.
  • Clinical situations with risk of premature ovarian failure:
    • Endometriosis
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Collagen diseases
    • Family history of premature menopause

For all of these groups of women, oocyte freezing is a way to retain a realistic chance of becoming pregnant, and being mother.
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What should I do to perform this treatment?

We will have an initial consultation of all basic information before starting the treatment, also we have to proceed an individual study, the chances of success will depend on the age of the patient and the situation of their ovaries.
It be carried out the first two phases of a IVF cycle (stimulation and ovarian puncture). To proceed afterwards to the vitrification of the obtained oocytes