Preservation technique

Sperm freezing

Semen samples can be frozen or cryopreserved for different reasons. At IREMA we carry out routine freezing prior to carrying out In Vitro Fertilisation cycles. This reduces unforeseen problems and puts the couple’s minds at ease, in the knowledge that the sample is already available for use, given that on occasions, it is not possible to extract a sample on the day of fertilisation.

Freezing is also carried out with patients that are about to undergo radio or chemotherapy, given that these can sometimes cause lifetime sterility. By doing this, the man makes sure that he will be able to have children after he has overcome the illness. The samples can be cryopreserved indefinitely without this causing any damage.

Freezing is also carried out with patients that will be undergoing vasectomy operations. If they decide to have children in the future, it will not be necessary to have a vasovasostomy (reestablishment of the deferent ducts), which in any case does not guarantee the recovery of fertility.

The semen sample is frozen in small pills, allowing us to carry out more than one Assisted Reproduction cycle with a single sample.