Partner’s egg retrieval

What is the Partner Egg Reception or ROPA Method?

The Current Spanish legislation laws 13/2005 and 14/2006 equates the rights of marriage to a gay couple with the rights to a heterosexual couple. And therefore does not hindrance for two women to carry out their desire for beeing parents and having a child.

Under the protection of these laws lesbian couples have different alternatives to achieve a pregnancy.

Depending on the age of the partner which want to get pregnant, they can undergo an artificial insemination (AI), In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) using anonymous donor sperm (Sperm Bank) or a Egg Donor Program (Ovodón) with anonymous donor eggs and anonymous donor sperm.

Another possibility is to fertilize the eggs (oocytes) of one of the partners with anonymous donor semen and transfer the embryos the partner which achieve the pregnancy. This technique is called ROPA (reception of the oocytes of the partner).

Regardless of the reproductive technique which is used to get pregnant, both women by signing of the consent will have all rights and obligations on the unborn child, as established by the current legislation in Spain.