Egg donation

Why to do an egg donation in Spain?

Egg donation is the treatment indicated for patients who, for different reasons, may not have oocytes capable of producing a healthy, evolutionary embryo. It consists in carrying out In Vitro Fertilisation with donor eggs and the sperm of the partner or a donor, transferring the embryos to the woman.

What does the Spanish Law tell us about the egg donors?

In Spain the donors are anonynmous, so we have more donors than in other countries. Besides, in our part of Spain, we have a lot of donors from other european countries, like France, UK, Netherlands, Germany,…

During the treatment, the patient receives an hormone replacement with oestrogen and progesterone that prepares the uterus to receive the embryos. On the same day that the oocytes are retrieved, fertilisation is carried out and five days later, we transfer the embryos to the patient. At IREMA, the egg donation treatment is allways perform with fresh donated eggs, not frozen. This requires great coordination and synchronisation, but offers the best results.

The egg donors undergo the necessary tests to obtain healthy eggs. Different diagnostic tests are carried out, and their physical and blood characteristics are recorded, so that they are as close as possible to those of the receiving couple.

If you are coming to our clinic from a distant location or from outside Spain for egg donation, everything is coordinated to generate the least possible trouble for the patient. Patients must request an appointment, and will be informed of all the tests that will be required to study their case, so that they can carry these out wherever they live. In the ideal scenario, these results would be submitted to us before this first appointment.

In this first appointment for egg donation, a medical record will be opened up, and the woman will be subjected to a scan and a bacteriology test. The man will undergo a sperm analysis and sperm freezing. This freezing is carried out to save trouble for the patients, because this way, patients will only have to go to the centre to carry out the transfer of embryos, and can go back home on the same day.

If, however, patients must stay for a night or two for medical reasons or for their own comfort, we can arrange their accommodation.

If you come to our clinic via Alicante or Valencia airports, we can send a chauffeur to pick you up, with no cost for you. Once the appointment or the embryo transfer has finished, you will be taken back to the airport. You can see here, tourist information.