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Egg donors and egg donation

Egg donation is the voluntary donation of your eggs to help other women become mothers, as they cannot achieve pregnancy with their own eggs.
Requirements for egg donors.
Not everyone is eligible to be an egg donor. So pay attention to the requirements to be able to participate in our egg donation programme:

  • By law, donors must be at least 18 years old and not yet 36 years old.
  • Neither you nor your relatives must suffer from a genetic, hereditary or congenital transmissible disease.
  • You must be healthy, both mentally and physically.
  • You must have normal ovarian function.
  • You must not have produced six or more offspring through assisted or unassisted reproduction.

Is egg donation anonymous?

This is required by Spanish law. And it is anonymous for both the donor and the recipient couple.

¿What does the screening and testing prior to egg donation consist of?

The examination consists of a gynaecological examination, an ultrasound scan, blood tests, genetic analysis and an interview with our psychologist.

When and how are eggs retrieved for donation?

In order to be able to make the donation, we have to carry out an “ovarian stimulation”, which consists of administering hormones that will allow the development of several eggs in the ovaries.

Our doctors will carry out regular controls to check, by means of ultrasound scans and blood tests, that everything is going well.

The “ovarian stimulation” takes between 9 and 12 days approximately, after which you will be scheduled for the “follicular puncture”, which is the procedure in which we will extract the eggs.

The “follicular puncture” is performed vaginally and usually takes no more than 20 minutes to extract the follicular fluid, in which the eggs are immersed.

For the puncture, our anaesthetist administers sedation so that you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the process.

After waking up and resting, once our medical team has verified that everything is fine, you can leave, and we will do a check-up after the next menstruation.

Which women need to receive donor eggs?

Women who need donor eggs suffer from infertility or sterility problems, either because their ovaries do not produce eggs, or because the eggs they do produce are of insufficient quality to achieve pregnancy.

There are women who suffer from premature menopause, diseases that affect the quality of their eggs, or who have had to undergo aggressive medical treatment to save their own lives.

In other cases, there are women who have a high risk of having children with a serious hereditary genetic disease, which cannot be treated with the medical technology currently available.

Is there financial compensation for egg donation?

Article 3, chapter I of RD law 9/2014 of 4 July states the following:
“Egg donation shall, in all cases, be voluntary and altruistic, and no financial consideration or remuneration may be received by the donor. Donors may receive compensation from the institution responsible for the egg retrieval, strictly limited to covering the expenses and inconveniences derived from obtaining them in terms of allowances, restitution of lost economic income or similar”.

Remember that you can get information in our clinic in Gandía and in our clinic in Beniarbeig.

More information to donate eggs in IREMA.

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